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Grants & Awards

Governor’s Community Achievement Awards

For more than thirty years, Keep Texas Beautiful, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), has awarded the prestigious Governor's Community Achievement Awards to Texas communities for their outstanding overall efforts to keep their communities beautiful. 

This year, ten winning communities will share $2 million in landscaping awards from the Texas Department of Transportation, with the amount based on population size. The funds are used for landscaping projects along local rights-of-way. A community's environmental program is judged on achievements in seven areas:

  • Community Leadership and Coordination
  • Public Awareness and Outreach
  • Environmental Education
  • Beautification and Community Improvement
  • Litter Prevention and Cleanup
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Litter Law and Illegal Dumping Enforcement

Applications for the 2020 GCAA Awards will open January 2, 2020 and close on February 20, 2020. To learn more about the online application process and to create your account, click hereIf you have any questions regarding this years application, please reach out to Sara Nichols at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2020 GCAA Application

In order to better align with the goals of our partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation, KTB has made a few updates to the 2020 Governor’s Community Achievement Award (GCAA) application. These changes include:

  • The addition of new questions to address new accomplishments and adaptations to growing and changing populations  
  • Slight changes to former questions for consistency and clarity
  • Increased word counts for select questions based on feedback from previous applicants
  • Beginning with first place GCAA winners in 2020, winners will not be eligible to place in GCAA again for the next four years (this was previously three years). For example, first place GCAA winners in 2020 will not be able to achieve first, second or third place until 2025. However, all first place winners from 2016-2019 are eligible to place three years after their win. See chart below for reference.
Winning Year Year Eligible
2016 2020
2017 2021
2018 2022
2019 2023
2020 2025
2021 2026
2022 2027

We suggest that your community reviews the application questions prior to the application opening on January 2, 2020. You can preview the application questions using this link. The GCAA recognizes an entire community’s achievements and is open to all Texas communities, including those without KTB affiliates.

As we have in the past, KTB will continue to provide support to communities applying for GCAA through resources such as: the KTB blog, GCAA-specific webinars, and a robust application toolkit. Check back soon for added resources.

Preview this year's GCAA Application

GCAA Winners 2019 Web

For the full list of this year's winning communities, please click here.

Watch our 2019 Winner's Video

Landscaping Awards by Population Size Categories



Landscaping Award Amount

Category 1

Up to 3,000


Category 2

3,001 - 5,500


Category 3

5,501 - 9,000


Category 4

9,001 - 15,000


Category 5

15,001 - 25,000


Category 6

25,001 - 40,000


Category 7

40,001 - 65,000


Category 8

65,001 - 90,000


Category 9

90,001 - 180,000


Category 10

Over 180,000





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