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Volunteer Resources

Volunteers are the backbone of Keep Texas Beautiful and our affiliate community organizations. Without their generous support, many of our day to day activities would be impossible. Take a look at some of our helpful resources below to acknowledge, thank and support your community volunteers.

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Volunteer Spotlight

  • Tim Hair

    Tim Hair

    Tim Hair is a Landscape Architect who was looking to get involved in his new community when he and his wife moved to Midland, Texas in 2013. He joined the Keep Midland Beautiful TreeKeepers group after reading about it in a newspaper article. Tim has been instrumental in starting and supporting new initiatives and creating new partnerships in the community that enhance the work of the TreeKeepers committee. His major achievements as Chairman of the committee include helping to create a new partnership program with community schools. Tim Hair has been an exceptional leader who has reenergized and reengaged the TreeKeepers committee in the community.
  • Cedric Robinson

    Cedric Robinson

    Cedric Robinson is an example of leadership for everyone in the Emory community. Everyday Cedric takes a walk along the highway and picks up any litter he can find. Without being asked to, he dedicates time every single day to help keep the community he loves clean and healthy. Cedric exemplifies the sprit of volunteerism!
  • Brenda Newton

    Brenda Newton

    Brenda cares for the Earth and animals the same way she does humans. Brenda has faithfully served Angelina County by participating in a wide variety of programs such as litter cleanups, recycling programs, and hazardous waste collection. She embodies the passion and selflessness of volunteers around the country!
  • Jonell Roberts

    Jonell Roberts

    Jonell Roberts has a "volunteer spirit." She takes daily walks around the City Park in Haskell and picks up trash. Her day-by-day efforts is a huge part of what keeps the park clean. Roberts is also an active member of the community. She serves on the city council, she sits on a beautification committee for efforts around Haskell, and attends events, cleanups and meetings for Keep Haskell Beautiful. Her efforts are a great example of how big a difference one person can make in the community.
  • Vivian Allen

    Vivian Allen

    Vivian Allen drives true change in her community of La Marque and is a passionate volunteer who manages several programs, including Keep La Marque Beautiful's Commission Business Yard of the Month and Residential yard of the Month. She works on city beautication efforts, spearheads educational programs and starts community gardens all over town. Vivian and her partner, Benny, personally care for flowerbeds at La Marque City Hall, landscaping at La Marque Public Library and a Community Garden at La Marque Economic Development Corporation. Along with her position as Treasurer of KLMBC, she is also President of La Marque Garden Club and plans to become a certifed Master Gardener. Vivian is a member of several other volunteer grounds across Galveston County. City of La Marque is lucky to have her as a citizen and benefits immensely from her drive and dedication to make La Marque a better place to live.
  • Zoe Rascoe of Keep Temple Beautiful

    Zoe Rascoe of Keep Temple Beautiful

    Nominated by Yvonne Eele, Zoe Rascoe was nominated due to her involvement in many community organizations including KTB. Her servant heart drives her to improve the community in many ways from parks to economics. She serves on the board of many community organizations and opens her home to many for parties and get togethers. Zoe is involved in most things that are good for Temple.
  • Nelida Spurrell of Keep Aransas County Beautiful

    Nelida Spurrell of Keep Aransas County Beautiful

    Nominated by Rosemary Pizio-White, Nelida Spurrell's nomination celebrates her as an "unwavering pillar of support and action for KACB and founding member since 2015." Neli has worked with the community to develop KACB and support restoration following Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Port Aransas and Port Aransas County just received a Rebuilding Texas Grant from KTB for their hard work as well. 
  • Kirby Pruitt of Keep Gatesville Beautiful

    Kirby Pruitt of Keep Gatesville Beautiful

    Nominated by Cheri Shepherd, Affiliate Coordinator of KGB, Kirby Pruitt's enthusiasm for litter control in his community began when KGB was formed in the spring of 2017. Pruitt contacted KGB to let them know he would pick up litter as he took his daily two-mile walk. Since then, Pruitt has consistently picked up litter on his route and has set a great example of what a difference just one person can make!
  • Linda Henderson, President of Keep Cuero Beautiful

    Linda Henderson, President of Keep Cuero Beautiful

    Nominated by Sandra Osman of Cuero, Linda Henderson has been " instrumental, consistent and Texas-determined" in making good things happen in their community. From planting grants to downtown beautification projects, Linda has been key in working with the city to help make Cuero beautiful. They even hosted one of our affiliate regional trainings in August 2018!
  • UPS Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteer Team

    UPS Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteer Team

    Nominated by David Cuellar of UPS, the UPS Neighbor to Neighbor community-based volunteer team makes a big impact in the Rio Grande Valley in a variety of ways. Whether it is sorting food at food banks, participating in beach cleanups, planting seedlings with Rio Reforestation, or assisting Habitat for Humanity, they love lending a helping hand in their community. This group takes pride in cleaning up their local highways and was even commended by Adopt-a-Highway for their efforts. Thank you for embodying your group motto and "Unit[ing] as one... to make a difference!"
  • Project Hero Fort Hood HUB

    Project Hero Fort Hood HUB

    Nominated by Keep Nolanville Beautiful, the Project Hero Fort Hood HUB dedicates time monthly for community improvement. During their last event, they repaired the little lending library and cleaned the community center parking lot in their area. They also recruited local children to help and spoke to them about the importance of taking care of their community.
  • Amy Barnhill of Keep Midland Beautiful

    Amy Barnhill of Keep Midland Beautiful

    Nominated by Keep Midland Beautiful, volunteer Amy Barnhill regularly helps with this affiliate's Great American Cleanup, Don't mess with Texas Trash-Off and Feast of Sharing events. In addition to her hands-on support, she regularly volunteers with the Midland Texas Recycles Day event and has built a strong relationship with Chevron and KMB through her work and advocacy as an Environmental Safety Specialist with the organization. 
  • First Monday Gardeners in Salado, Texas

    First Monday Gardeners in Salado, Texas

    Nominated by Keep Salado Beautiful, the First Monday Gardeners help maintain the Salado Pocket Gardens on the first Mondays of each month. Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners and community members bring their knowledge, enthusiasm, and work ethic to make Salado's gardens beautiful in every season. They volunteer their time, tools and materials each month and water and weed during the long summer.

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